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Maiden with the Flaxen Hair

Welcome to Lady Jane's Website!
Hello and welcome, to the Lady Jane Grey-Dudley Website.
I have made this website in hopes that it will be informative, educational, and maybe a little entertaining. I have placed on this web site various images of Lady Jane, of her family and others who were involved with her life and/or the events of her life and up to the time Lady Jane became queen and later executed. I have also placed on here some poems and letters she wrote just before her death. You will also find on this web site the proclamation that was read making Lady Jane, Queen Jane of England, plus you will find a short biography about Lady Jane that I wrote with what information I have found over the years of researching Lady Jane. I have now placed some videos of two movies about Lady Jane's life. If you would like to watch these videos just 'click-on' the Lady Jane Video link located in the site map.

I hope you enjoy this website and please let me know what you think of it. To E-mail me there is an E-mail link at the bottom of each page for your convenience. Or, you may leave any comments, suggestions, questions, and/or critiques at the Lady Jane's guestbook, the link for her guestbook is at the bottom of each page also.
If, you have any questions or comments that you may need an answer to in a few days than you may email them to my personal email account, I check this email account on a daily bases, while the other email accounts I have are only answered on a bi-monthly bases.
My personal account is;
Webmaster, Charles H. Dudley
Thank you for your time and for visiting Lady Jane's website.

John Dudley and Lady Jane Grey-Dudley
The image above is that of Lady Jane, John Dudley and the members of The Privy Council, when Lady Jane was being offered the Crown of England in the Tower of London, where later she would become imprisoned and then beheaded.

From the "Spirit of Lady Jane" to you, her guest ;

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Coming Changes and New Additions on Lady Jane's
Web Site !

Lady Jane's Forebears, Parents and Siblings Page was added July 15th, 2005
Four new pages were added to this site on September 10th, 2003. They are Historical Time Line and other information on Lady Jane and Books and Movies about Lady Jane.
Also I have placed on here some poems and letters she wrote during her last days on earth.
I will be placing more info about Lady Jane on this site in the near future, so keep checking back.
09-03-2010 - I have made some cosmetic changes, fixed some broken links and added some new information on some of the pages. I have also corrected some errors in grammar and spelling. I hope you enjoy Lady Jane's web site.
09-15-2010 - Movies on Lady Jane Grey - I have place videos of two movies about Lady Jane on this web site, to watch them go to Lady Jane's Video Page, there is a link on the site map located at the top of each page. Please enjoy watching them and if you have any comments or questions you may contact me either by email or by leaving your comments in Lady Jane's guest book.
Thank you for visiting Lady Jane's web site.
Thanks, Dudley

This site was last updated;
September 27th, 2010

A Note To All Students :
Citing this website for your school projects.

A lot of you have written to me asking for specific information so that you can cite this website for your projects, essays, etc, so I have listed the information below:

Title: Lady Jane Grey-Dudley Web Site


Webmaster: Charles H. Dudley

Date written and published on Web: February 10th, 2002

Publisher: This site is self-published by C. H. Dudley.

Last Updated: This site was last updated on: September 27th, 2010.

you are welcome to copy and use the material and/or images on this web site as you wish. While I'm adding the new information to this website and you need more information than what I have listed, please let me know, E-mail Link at the bottom of each page.
All information on this web site has been verified by myself, and to the best of my knowledge is true and correct.

Webmaster: C. H. Dudley

    Oh my, homework!!!

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Please, sign Lady Jane's Guestbook!

Please sign Lady Jane's guestbook, and leave any comments, questions, suggestions, and/or critiques' you may have. You may use the link below.
Thanks, Dudley.

Arrest of Queen Jane

Image above is that of the actual signature of Lady Jane Dudley.

Queen Mary
Read Lady Jane's bio and find out why Mary ended up being Queen of England and through fear of losing her throne, declared the trio had committed treason, and had Lady Jane , her husband Guildford Dudley, and Lady Jane's father in law, John Dudley, beheaded.

John Dudley
Find out what role John Dudley, duke of Northumberland, played in this drama about three women, vying for the Throne of England, and in doing so, lost his head, by reading Lady Jane's biography, on the Lady Jane Biography page.
I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think of it.

Daily Bible Verse
I have placed some Bible Verses on Meet the Webmaster page, I placed them there for the refreshing of your spirit.

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